Industrial demolition services in Williamstown, Melbourne

Casmar Group has been completing industrial demolition and deconstruction projects for many years in Australia. Our international clients have included Stolthaven Terminals, Oi Glass, MHG Glass and International Cement. We have undertaken projects in the petrochemical, chemical and manufacturing industries, working in sectors ranging from brickworks factories to processing plants.

Casmar Group utilises a large fleet of specialised demolition equipment to ensure your project is completed on time and in budget. Our team has vast experience carrying out industrial demolition services in live operational facilities, where a higher level of management and operator care is essential at all times.

At Casmar Group, recycling is always at the forefront of our organisation, hence we recycle as much material as possible with all material traceable and full recycling reports issued at completion of the project.

Large-scale industrial demolition contractors in Melbourne

With an array of plant to choose from, Casmar Group has the capabilities to tackle Melbourne industrial demolitions in a number of ways. The development of plant and equipment has allowed for the uncomplicated dismantling of buildings, multi-level sites, bridges and other such structures.

At Casmar Group we are specialist large-scale demolition contractors, based in Williamstown and servicing across Melbourne. Our industrial demolitions team members are dedicated professionals specialising in a range of demolition services for commercial and industrial purposes.

Our Melbourne industrial demolitions services include contaminated soil removalexcavation and earthmoving. Casmar Group’s skilled plant operators ensure that all demolitions are completed in a cost-effective manner and the site prepared for future construction.

We are a professional and reputable industrial demolitions contracting company. Our expert team never compromises safety throughout any part of our comprehensive range of demolition services, including industrial and commercial demolitions.

If you are looking for trusted large-scale demolition contractors and an experienced team when it comes to industrial demolitions across Melbourne, contact Casmar Group.