Williamstown excavation contractors, servicing Melbourne

Casmar Group has the top-quality fleet and industry experience to perform large-scale commercial and industrial excavation services. While we are based in Williamstown, our team of experts is sought for projects stretching across Melbourne.

With decades’ of experience in the industry and holding all relevant qualifications and memberships, Casmar Group’s excavation contractors have worked with a range of clients on small and large-scale excavation projects spanning the manufacturing, petrochemical and chemical industries, factories, processing plants, schools, office buildings, museums, hospitals, airports and shopping centres.

We know how to plan, perform and manage excavation services to completion within time and budget constraints. Our machinery is well-maintained and regularly serviced for maximum efficiency and safe operation.

Melbourne excavation services

Casmar Group works closely with clients to perform all aspects of  excavation, including but not limited to:

As members of the Demolition Contractors’ Association of Victoria (DCAV), Casmar Group are also Williamstown’s licensed asbestos removal contractors – so if any asbestos is found in the soil during the excavation process, we can provide safe removal and transportation.

Please contact our excavation contractors to find out more or request a quote. We are also licensed industrial and commercial demolition contractors servicing all areas of Melbourne.