Casmar Group Projects

Casmar Group has worked with leading Australian and international clients on a variety of large-scale industrial demolition and commercial demolition projects. As a member of the Demolition Contractors’ Association of Victoria (DCAV), we have the expertise, equipment and people to safely and efficiently plan, manage and execute demolition services.

Our commercial demolition contractors provide a full range of services, from excavation to asbestos removal and staged projects, ensuring hazardous materials and contaminated soil are safely removed, and your facility remains operational.

Some of our previous projects include working with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne Airport, schools, shopping centres, office buildings, factories and processing plants.

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

Casmar Group was contracted to provide commercial demolition services for the $45-million redevelopment of Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. Our expert team delivered detailed demolitions, including soft strip interior areas and heavy structural elements. We overcame several challenges to successfully complete the demolition work for such a high-profile historical structure. During the works, our commercial demolition... Read more

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Casmar Group has been involved with the Royal Melbourne Hospital Victorian Comprehensive Care Centre (VCCC) for several years, carrying out demolition works for the North and South Facility redevelopments. In June 2014, we completed a detailed demolition project at the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Victorian Comprehensive Care Centre $1.1-billion North Facility redevelopment. We returned on July... Read more

Melbourne Airport

Casmar Group was contracted to provide demolition services for Melbourne Airport’s T2 expansion. This $330-million project included the structural demolition of a 90-tonne aero bridge and involved removing the bridge from the terminal area to be dismantled elsewhere. Other works included demolition of aircraft docking slabs, looking after dust control and protecting airport equipment and... Read more

Darley brick factory

Casmar Group completed an industrial demolition and site clearance at an old brick manufacturing facility in Darley, near Baccus Marsh on Melbourne’s outskirts. The $5-million land development project involved the demolition of three 45-plus metre high chimneys, using a Longreach excavator. Before commencing demolition works, Casmar Group’s industrial demolitions team carried out exploration to locate underground railway... Read more

Margaret Court Arena

Casmar Group was contracted to provide demolition services for the Margaret Court Arena redevelopment project at the Melbourne Park precinct. The project included installing a retractable roof, requiring precise and professional detail demolition methods, which the experienced team at Casmar Group specialises in. Our Melbourne commercial demolition contractors demolished a ground slab to erect a tower... Read more

Albert Park façade demolition in Melbourne

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Coles Yarraville

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Vic Roads house demo

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Shell service station

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64 Clarendon St, Southbank

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