Project NameMcAdam Street, Maffra, Victoria Water tank demolition
Site AddressMcAdam Street, Maffra, VictoriaClientGippsland WaterContract Value< $100,000 AUDProject Duration14 DaysStart DateMay, 2019Main ContractorCasmar Group
Description of WorksCasmar Group were engaged to carry out the safe demolition of a 25meter high redundant concrete water tower. The tank was 10meters in diameter with heavily reinforced concrete walls with a metal roof.

Key works of the project included:
Detailed planning to demolish the water tower without causing any damage to the adjoining property with only 1800mm clear room to the adjoining fence.
Detailed planning to demolish the water tower without causing any damage to the adjoining water tanks which currently supply water to the community.
Detailed methodology workshops undertaken with stakeholders as not to disrupt any water supply from the existing water tanks in use.

Underground asset survey:
Detailed underground asset surveys were carried out to identify existing assets and ensure no damage was caused to the assets. These works were carried out with ground penetrating radar to ensure accuracy in locating of any services.

Protection decks to existing assets:
Engineered protection decks were installed around the base of the water tower to protect all existing assets and neighbouring property.

Demolition of the Water Tower:
The demolition of the water tank was carried out with a 65 Tonne long reach demolition excavator. This had its own challenges due to the very small working area available. The tank was demolished by pulverizing the concrete to a safe height where a 26 Tonne could safely reach. All in ground footings were demolished after the water tank was demolished.

Recycling on material :
Casmar Group prides itself in its ability to recycle as much demolished material as possible. 100% of material from this project was recycled at a local facility and local transport companies were used to transport all material to the recycling facility.
Management Team
Adrian CassidyProject Manager
Peter CoffeyEstimating Manager
Casmar Group has an excellent reputation for completing projects on time and within budget.