Project Name393 Macauley Road
Site Address393 Macauley Road, Kensington, VIC 3031ClientDesconContract Value$670KProject Duration5 monthsStart DateSeptember, 2019Main ContractorCasmar Group
Description of Works393 Macauley Road is the first development using the “Assemble Model” where you lease your home while you save to buy. Your rent is agreed up-front and your purchase price is fixed, giving you stability while you save.

The design will retain and restore the facade of the original heritage building, designed by Art Deco architect Harry A. Norris (also the mastermind behind the iconic Curtain House, Mitchell House, Burnham Beeches and Nicholas Building).

Casmar Group were engaged by Descon to demolish the building whilst retaining the original façade. This process involved 4 key steps:

Step 1: Internal Strip Out and Brickwork Repairs

Previously 393 Macauley Road was home to recording studio and CD factory. Before demolition commenced the building was stripped back to the structural shell and the façade assessed by structural engineers, following on from this, repairs were carried out in the brickwork façade to enable the installation of the steel façade retention system.

Step 2: Demolition of Rear Single-Story Building

The building consisted of a single-story section at the rear of the double story section seen at the front of the building. Casmar Group demolished the rear building first thus creating a staging area from which a crane could be used to install the retention system.

Step 3: Installation of Façade Retention System

Unlike a conventional façade retention system the surrounding environment dictated that the retention system would be installed on the inside of the building. Pockets were created through the roof and 1st story structural slab before the steel was dropped in through and fixed to the inside of the faced.

Step 4: Demolition of the Main Structure

With the retention system installed and certified our team methodically and efficiently completed the demolition. Great care had to be taken to work around the retention system and to prevent excessive vibration, noise and dust due to the condition of the façade and surrounding residents.

Casmar Group used the pulverising attachments to great effect to complete the demolition.

Last but not least……….

To complete our works, we had one last task remaining. The new design would require a driven pile foundation and thus a suitable mat to complete these works. Casmar Groups experienced operators used almost 50m3 of crushed rock to create the perfect piling pad for the next phase of works.
Management Team
Adrian CassidyProject Director
Gary WaterhouseOperations Manager
Fergus DonnellyProject Manager
Peter CoffeyEstimating Manger
Jesse VilinskisSite Supervisor
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