Damien Cassidy

Project Manager

Graduating in 2005 with a Double Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Design and Systems), along with OH&S and construction management diplomas.

Damien Joined Casmar Group in 2012 as Project Manager.

As Project Manager/Engineer Damien is involved with all significant projects from budget and tender stages to help formulate a considered, safe and sequenced demolition process cognisant of the building’s construction, condition and location. At contract stage he will advise upon any necessary structural investigations required to validate proposed sequences and methods, and will continue to be involved on site regularly, until completion, to ensure methodologies and sequences are adapted and updated as more becomes known about the subject structure.

Progressing from the early ‘on the ground’ phase of his career, to his current position as Project Manager enabled him to understand all facets required for the completion of a successful project for both the client and company.